EUROCONTROL Surveillance Monitoring Services

Multimedia file 01:22:31 1 Aug 2023 15:48
Good operation of surveillance systems and aircraft avionics is crucial for provision of air navigation services and for the safety of air traffic in busy European airspace. In the recording of this webinar, that took place on October 13th 2022, obtain an overview of the tools and services that the Network Manager provides as part of the Surveillance Interrogators and Avionics, ACAS & Altimetry Monitoring (SIAAAM).

The main objective of SIAAAM is to detect and report aircraft avionics or other surveillance systems with poor performance focusing on:
- The good operation of surveillance avionics and ACAS;
- The level of use of the 1030/1090 MHz surveillance frequencies generated by surveillance interrogators;
- The good operation of aircraft altimetry system.

The service is enabled by different central and distributed tools, which includes:
- A tool that automatically detects surveillance avionics and ACAS interoperability anomalies,
- A ticketing system to manage issues detected by the automatic tool or reported by ANSPs operational and technical teams,
- A central data-base to store information collected for each aircraft monitored,
- A network of 1030/1090 MHz receivers with a central application collecting and automatically analysing the information,
- A 1030/1090 MHz RF model,
- A system to measure altimetry error,
- An RVSM approval database.