The future of the space industry and High-Altitude Operations (HAO)

Multimedia file 01:00:24 9 Oct 2023 16:35
This is a recording of a webinar that happened in October 2023.

Atmos Space Cargo GmbH is a European NewSpace startup led by 4 co-founders with extensive experience in aerospace engineering, aviation, space missions and recovery. Atmos aims to enable life sciences research, development and production in Low Earth Orbit. To bring biomedical payloads back from space to the end-users on Earth, e.g. the pharmaceutical industry, the Atmos Phoenix vehicle needs to re-enter the atmosphere. This poses unique challenges in terms of integration with airspace. Atmos is aiming at a first re-entry by the end of 2024.

This webinar covers in 3 events the story behind Atmos and the unique challenges of atmospheric re-entry, the current state of licensing and exchanges with stakeholders especially in airspace control, and a future outlook on the seamless integration of air, space and maritime traffic. The space industry is booming, and to enable further growth, close coordination between stakeholders in space and in airspace is crucial.