EUROCONTROL Network Integration of Higher Airspace Operations

Multimedia file 00:52:00 15 Nov 2022 17:04
Obtain an overview on the emergence of new airspace users in higher airspace and how from a European Network perspective we will initially accommodate these operations while in the longterm converge to full integration the maximum extent possible according to demand.

Recent technological innovation has enabled the development of new vehicles, with new missions, that will complement the aviation operations we see today. The new operations will range from space activities, (sub-orbital and orbital), high altitude patform systems (HAPS) and high speed air transport. These new entrants are expected to operate at very high level in Higher Airspace – typically at FL500 and above and will also require the transit of today’s ATS airspace below. These operations will take place within the airspace of a State, cross-border in the European region and on a global basis.

The Air Traffic Management (ATM) concept currently deployed in the EUROCONTROL NM area will be challenged by these new operations that will require initially accommodation and over time integration to the maximum extent possible in order optimise airspace use against expected demand. From a Network perspective a review is required regarding the validity of the current NM functions against these new entrants , while considering that the entire airspace volume be considered as a continuum. The review will identify new requirements or functions for NM. The webinar will summarise the characteristics of the new operations and estimated demand and highlight the need for a Concept of Operations. It will also outline how the new entrants, EUROCONTROL NM, States and ANSPs, military.