EUROCONTROL How to plan for passenger demand volatilities

Multimedia file 00:54:21 1 Aug 2023 15:47
This is a recording of a webinar that took place in May 2023.
EUROCONTROL in collaboration with ACI has recently developed a business intelligence service to help predict aircraft load factors as well as individual passenger counts per flight. This service aims to support airports of any size to plan and to manage their operations based on these predictions. Enhanced staff planning and resource allocation as such can be applied to avert operational disruptions. This support service is built upon machine learning principles through analysis of Network Manager data and through monitoring of commercial flights available on the market. The service is currently undergoing a user acceptance through a beta testing process.

Primary objective of this webinar was to provide users with information on the principal functionalities of the service and to shed light on the results of the beta testing phase. This helps better understand overall architecture of the service and its utilization in operational planning and management. Additionally, further details on how to register for the service will also be disclosed.