EUROCONTROL NOP Planning and introduction of new monitoring indicators

Multimedia file 00:49:09 1 Aug 2023 13:10
This is the recording of a webinar took place in June 2023.

The main objective of this webinar was to share ideas on a common set of key indicators allowing to share a same vision of the Network efficiency. For the first time in 2023 the Airport summer plans were reported to the Network Operation Plan. Important measures reported there have already demonstrated major impact on the Network efficiency. In the same time the EUROCONTROL Network Manager and all operational stakeholders, including Airports, have worked hard in preparing the Network for Summer 2023. We are all together pushing hard on the four key priority areas:
  • prioritising first rotation to allow for on time departure

  • disciplined flight plan execution to ensure predictability

  • delivering agreed capacities realistic schedules

  • including turnaround times

The Network Manager will therefore monitor the effect of the different plans with regards of these 4 priorities. Beyond the ATFM delay, many other aspects of the Network Efficiency will be analysed: punctuality, turn-around time, ground delay, first wave departure delay and the effect on the Network reactionary delays.

The objective was to identify or anticipate on challenges in order to take coordinated actions and enhance operational cooperation with individual Airports all along the Summer. In order to do so, new metrics and methodologies have been developed and were presented during this webinar.

The webinar was dedicated but not limited to airport staff working on performance monitoring and operational staff in APOC.