EUROCONTROL Accommodating urban air mobility at vertiports and airports

Multimedia file 00:59:28 1 Aug 2023 13:08
This is a recording of a webinar that took place in May 2023.
The drones are becoming part of our life: from the great aerial photos to the support in everyday tasks and services. But there is more: unmanned cargo and air taxis are next in line. How to accommodate this traffic efficiently?

The webinar presented the challenges coming from the increased number of smaller and larger aircrafts, appearing in the urban areas. Participants learned about the model approach to the drone mission approval and learned how the vertiports fits the business context of the urban air mobility, addressing the different views on the vertiport operations (passenger, cargo). To complete the picture, the webinar shows the prospective view on directions for effective integration of the new types of aviation into current operations.