EUROCONTROL Researching the Potential of Metaverse in Aviation Training

Multimedia file 00:42:43 1 Aug 2023 11:47
This is a recording of a webinar that took place in June 2023.
Trying to address the Air Traffic Controller shortage through exploring the potentials in the MetaVerse.

In this webinar, the speakers presented condensed insights from interviews with industry experts, highlighting the current state of ATC training along with the transformative potential of the MetaVerse. Learn how this innovative technology can offer direct value to ATC training by offering immersive simulations.

Their objectives:
- Inform the audience about the current state of air traffic control (ATC) training,
- Engage the audience with the transformative vision of the immersive ATC training,
- Seek additional expertise and insights from potential partners to propel the project forward.