Diversity & Inclusion in ATM Europe - Session 5

Rationale of Aviation Open Days during a Pandemic
Multimedia file 1:30 15 Feb 2022 17:54
What is the ROI of organising Open Days while the aviation sector is going through a tough time?

Besides recruitment purposes, what benefits can they bring?

What are the best ways to organise a safe (hence most likely online) event?


  • Carlotta Hies (Specialist Employer Branding DFS, feedback from the InterFab recruitment workshop 17th November)
  • Janina Gaertner, Lydia Schaaf (presenting DFS Open Days)
  • Tamara Pejovic (Women in Aviation, presenting virtual and face-to-face Girls Open Days)
  • Phil Clifton (Divisional Managing Director IMI Hydronic Engineering, sharing on best practices from other sectors)


This event took place on the 26th of November 2020. It was organised, facilitated and recorded by Milena Bowman (EUROCONTROL). For further information, please contact her at [email protected]