Diversity & Inclusion in ATM Europe - Session 1

Best Practices
Multimedia file 1:30 8 Feb 2022 21:55
Our Speakers discuss the International Women's Association, how Women in Aviation is promoting and encouraging women to engage in aviation careers.

We hear about the personal journey of one Air Traffic Controller and deputy president of IFATCA and an insightful story of a colleague on disability.


  • Helena Sjöström (IFATCA)
  • Tamara Pejovic (Women in Aviation)
  • Marita Lintener (IAWA VP Europe and Africa)
  • Dennie Coumans (SAMCO)

This event took place on the 3rd of September 2020. It was organised, facilitated and recorded by Milena Bowman (EUROCONTROL). For further information, please contact her at [email protected]