AiRMOUR - #7 Introduction to UAM risk, noise and visual pollution

Multimedia file 00:55:26 2 Nov 2023 16:41
This is a recording of a webinar that took place in October 2023.

This webinar is part of the series of two online lectures on the topic of "Facilitating Emergency Medical Services (EMS) UAM in European cities". This 2nd lecture focused on the following topics:

2) Noise and visual pollution: tools & concepts (LiU)

The speaker explored various models and concepts related to how people perceive risks, both in general and specifically in the context of UAM. Developing strategies to reduce these perceived risks is crucial for introducing UAM into operations. A particular challenge is understanding how perceived risk is formed, which involves factors like people's understanding, knowledge, experience, and their enthusiasm for new technology. What we've learned so far suggests that the social status and affordability of UAM-related services play a surprisingly significant role compared to actual safety risks in shaping people's perceptions.

Noise pollution is a distressing sound that may harm the physical or mental activity of humans or animals. Visual pollution is the negative impact an individual may experience by viewing a visual pollutant and its movement, e.g. a UAV or an eVTOL. In this lecture, we will introduce the concepts of noise and visual pollution.