AiRMOUR - #1 What is Urban Air Mobility?

An overview of the key terms and the types of aircraft being trialled
Multimedia file 01:00:00 4 Jul 2022 10:12
This is a recording from a lecture that took place in May 2022. Consultants working on the EU-funded AiRMOUR project explain the emerging concept of third-dimension air travel, specifically Urban Air Mobility (UAM).

It includes an introduction of the lecture series and the AiRMOUR project, which is delivering the training. You will learn from our trainers the key terms that are used when discussing Urban Air Mobility and the types of aircraft involved. The trainers also explain the progression to this new form of aviation in the context of the emergency medical sector.

After watching this video you will be able to define UAM and associated key terms and will be able to outline the types of delivery and passenger carrying aircraft that will likely be used in third-dimension air travel.

This lecture was the first of four lectures in the series. The topics covered in this lecture will assist learners in progressing with the training curriculum.