Guidelines on the use of e-learning in ATM Part 2 - Pedagogical Aspects

File 21 Sep 2016 10:49
Edition 1.0 (20/03/2008)This is part two of a three-part document on deploying e-learning in an ATM environment. Part 2 considers the pedagogical or training questions which trainers and training developers need to consider when designing and delivering training programmes which include e-learning components.The guidelines focus on integrating e-learning or technology-facilitated learning into ATMrelated training programmes by integrating the decision to use e-learning into the overalltraining analysis, design and development process and by considering a blended approach to training.They provide examples of good practice in the area, suggests a training programme for trainers who want to use technology-facilitated learning and introduces the reader to a number of e-learning (technology-facilitated learning) tools.