STAM RRP: an alternative to delay [NMO-STAM-RRP] - 2023 update

Web-based training 12 May 2023 12:14
Open training
  • Have you heard of the STAM Rerouting Proposal (RRP) and are wondering if this could help your aircraft operations?
  • Has your aircraft operator already signed up to receiving STAM RRP messages and are you wondering how to best use these proposals?
  • Are you an FMP willing to solve an overload without applying a regulation?
  • Are you looking to comply with European Commission Implementing regulation no.2021/116, Common Project 1 (CP1) related to enhanced Short Term ATFCM Measures (within AF4)? 

Then this short course is for you! It provides a quick introduction to what STAM RRP is and how the NM, FMPs and AOs are working together to reduce unnecessary delays.

The STAM RRP procedure was developed by the EUROCONTROL Network Manager in collaboration with the following partners:

STAM RRP Partner logos

  • Explain what STAM RRP is
  • State the benefits for AOs and the ATM network of using STAM RRPs
  • Explain briefly the operational processes associated with a STAM RRP
  • Describe from A to Z how to fully integrate and deploy the STAM RRP procedure into current operations

AOs and CFSPs, Flight Dispatchers and FMPs